Hacks to Make Cooking and Cleaning Easier 

We’ve all been there. The dishes are piling, the sink sometimes gets clogged because of excessive oil and coffee beans. It isn’t fun and it can be a huge hassle to clean and maintain the kitchen. With children, it can be even more difficult because unexpected spills happen everywhere. With these quick and simple hacks, kitchen cleaning can be more efficient and less time-consuming. Transform the way you clean the kitchen with these easy hacks using ingredients you might already have in your home.

Quickly Unclog Your Sink

Need a quick fix for a clogged sink? This combination is reminiscent of high school volcano experiments because the main ingredients are baking soda and vinegar. Use one part baking soda and vinegar to make a powerful concoction that will unclog even the most stubborn of sicks. Leave the mixture in the sink and watch it clear up in a few minutes. This remedy works when a plunger has already been used and the attempt to unclog a sink has been futile.

Peel Eggs Easier

A cooking hack for people who like to consume eggs is one where the eggshell pieces come off smoothly and easily. The trick is to wet your fingers and to start peeling the egg slowly. It’s a simple trick that doesn’t require any added ingredients and it truly works!


The Jar Issue

Reusing old jars and bottles is a sustainable way to store liquids and solids. For example, old coffee jars can be used for storing cocoa, chia seeds, and even nuts. You can line them on the shelf with the correct labeling so you won’t end up mixing the wrong ingredients together. Keeping old ketchup and mustard bottles is a wonderful way to store pancake batter. First, make the batter using your own recipe, and then make sure the bottle is completely cleaned. Using a funnel, pour it slowly but surely into the bottle and use it for pancakes so you won’t have to create a big mess in the kitchen. This hack is a great kitchen activity to do with kids and the family because you’ll always come up with perfectly round pancakes which are a great breakfast hack that the entire family will appreciate.