Bone Broth Benefits: Let’s Talk About This New Trend

Surely many of us want live a healthier life, that’s no secret. Of course finding the best option isn’t so easy. Recently Dr. Kellyann Petrucci appeared on Good Morning America and dished out the many health benefits of her Bone Broth Diet — which is a plan promising weight loss in only 10 days — but we’re a bit skeptical.

What are the benefits of bone broth?

Undeniably, bone broth adds the building blocks of the perfect immunity-boosting soup. There’s a reason people bring you chicken soup when you’re sick! Just a hot cup of steaming stock will help to flush out any congestion as it makes your nose run, and moreover consuming broth-based soups helps to keep you hydrated as well. But there’s more, breaking down bones in order to make broth also releases collagen into the soup. Collagen is a powerhouse protein located in skin and other connective tissue, it’s also thought to be an anti-aging agent and you can add to food and drinks to rid of wrinkles.

What Are The Benefits Of Bone Broth?

However with that being said, there are not many scientific studies that even exist about any specific health benefits of bone broth, even if its all the craze right now. That doesn’t stop claims that bone broth will cure leaky gut syndrome to healing arthritic joints abound. The New York-based nutrition expert Maiken Wiese has a few words to say on broth-based diets, which includes Dr. Petrucci’s.

Firstly, bone broth isn’t any “healthier” than any other food.

While some claim its a “superfood,” Wiese counteracts and says that bone broth is actually pretty average. “If you like bone broth, have it,” Wiese, a registered dietitian wrote HelloGigglesvia email. “But bone broth is just food. And it goes well with other foods.”

Even though Petrucci’s Bone Broth Diet suggests that bone broth alone is complete meal, it isn’t. Wiese says that bone broth counts as a complete meal only on one condition, when it’s paired with other foods. “It should not be used as its own meal replacer,” said Wiese. Boost the nutritional value of your bone broth by adding fresh vegetables and grains such as quinoa and farro.

Firstly Bone Broth Isnt Any “healthier” Than Any Other Food.

Weight loss solution? Think again.

Wiese also has an issue with the Bone Broth Diet as a kind of weight loss solution. “Any nutritional recommendations that make claims for ‘healthy’ weight loss are, at their core, diets,” said Wiese. “[And] I don’t recommend dieting at all.”

“Diets have been shown repeatedly to be ineffective towards reaching a goal of health,” Wiese says. “Evidence has shown that diets often have only short-term results with subsequent rebound weight gain, and repeated dieting can lead to long-term weight gain or disordered eating.”

Self love is all you need.

“Learn to love the body you have,” Wiese adds. “Treat it kindly and with respect by listening to its cues.” It’s important to nurture a healthy relationship to your body, even with all its supposed flaws. Don’t skip regular doctor visits, move more, and eat a balanced meal. How’s that for some food for thought?