Announcing Brighteon University, streaming educational content 24/7, beginning with the “Cult of the Medics” doci-series

Today we are officially announcing Brighteon University, a free streaming service that allows you to watch educational content 24/7, at no charge. The service starts this Saturday, April 29th, with the docu-series, “Cult of the Medics” by David Whitehead.

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Every 1-2 weeks, we will feature a new docu-series or documentary event, spanning a variety of topics including finance, health freedom, permaculture, food production, survival and prepping, off-grid living and much more.

All the programs are free to watch and they stream 24/7 with each episode running for 24 hours. There is no charge to watch any of the episodes. Email registration is required to view the content.

Here’s my full interview with David Whitehead, announcing the launch of the Brighteon University streaming service as well as the launch of the Cult of the Medics program:





Register to watch this program — and many more coming up in the weeks ahead — at

More program announcements yet to come…