Don’t Dump Those Coffee Grounds! Some Repurpose Tips to Improve Household Hassles

After receiving your morning cup of coffee, the grounds left behind serve a better purpose than just being tossed into the bin. Here are some alternative ways to repurpose spent coffee grounds at home, the garden, and even on your pets!


From Grounds to Growth

Plants deplete the soil by absorbing the nutrients to help them grow. Coffee grounds just so happen to contain the necessary nutrients – Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus – needed to replenish the soil. The ‘grounds’ improve soil quality and absorb heavy metals, attracting advantageous worms to the garden. By simply sprinkling the ‘grounds’ on the soil’s surface, your garden has that little extra boost.

Leaf It for Later

If your garden doesn’t currently need fertilizer, you can store the ‘grounds’ to make compost. If you don’t have a compost pile, mix some food scraps with dried leaves and other debris [newspaper, bark] with the coffee grounds to create a healthy compost to kickstart your garden! The coffee grounds reduce the greenhouse gases emitted from the food scraps in the compost.

Goodbye Pests

We do whatever we can – concerning the natural world – to get rid of insects and pests in our homes and gardens. Not only does the caffeine property in the coffee help the soil, but alongside the diterpenes’ properties, it is toxic for insects. If you have a pressing mosquito or fruit fly problem, scatter some coffee grounds in the area/ If your property allows it, lightly sprinkle some ‘grounds’ around your property’s parameters to repel unwanted insects and bugs from even entering your property.


Son of an Itch

Not everyone likes working with strong chemicals, especially when it comes to ourselves, our children, and our pets. You’ll be relieved to know that rubbing some coffee grounds on your pets helps kill unwanted flees. It’s as simple as it sounds; lightly exfoliate some onto your pet’s coat after shampooing them. Then after a thorough rinse, dry them off. Like you would with any chemical near your animals, be mindful that coffee is also toxic for your dogs if they ingest it – so keep your eyes peeled!

Did You Smell Something?

When exposed to carbon, the nitrogen property in caffeine bonds with and can extract any odorous gas in the surrounding air. Pretty cool, yeah? It makes sense if you think about how potent the smell of coffee is in coffee shops. If you have accidentally spilled something in the car, find a sock you aren’t very fond of and fill it with some coffee grounds. It acts as a quick fix air freshener in the car while you wait for the odor to disappear naturally. Be mindful when you throw away organic matter, nothing should be wasted. There are so many things that coffee grounds can benefit.