The Best Way to Organize Your Books According to Feng Shui

You may not think there is a particular room in which your books “belong,” but according to Feng Shui, there is. In our opinion, books look fabulous everywhere, but are filled with stories, wisdom, symbolism, and consequently carry a lot of energy. Feng Shui can certainly give us insight on how to display and channel this energy to create the most favorable environment at home. If you’re looking to change the energy in your home, try moving your books into the room in which they more accurately belong.
Before you move your books, downsize your collection. Before deciding what books you want to put in what room, you may want to go through your selection as a whole and ask yourself: “What do I want to read? “What won’t I ever read?” “Have I outgrown this book?” Donating the books you feel as though you have outgrown is a fantastic way to pay the wisdom forward. Once you’re set on the books you want to keep, arrange them in a system that will make them easy to access. Now, consider placement.


When it comes to the bedroom, you’ll want to be a little more thoughtful about the books you bring into it. Work books out of the bedroom is a must! You’ll want to try and disengage from work as much as possible before you sleep.  You may want to keep dark dramas and crime novels off the nightstands, as well.

Living Room

The living room is the prime location for art books, photo books, coffee table books! Placing a small shelf full of books that you or other family members are currently reading will help you keep them in mind. People tend to read so much more when they have their current rotation of books in arm’s reach.


Kitchens are lovely for, drumroll please…cookbooks! They’re also the perfect room for nutrition guides. Though it may be a little tough to fit all the cookbooks you have in your kitchen area — keep the ones you use closest to you, ensuring their maximum use.



Why not keep novels in the bathroom too? Since bath time is a time designated for self-care, you should indulge in happy reading!