More Hilarious Cooking Nightmares That Will Make You Feel Like Gordon Ramsay

We can’t all be masters at cooking. Some of us might be able to treat our friends and family with a three-course meal they made from scratch while others have to Postemates their usual after burning their pasta for the fifth time. We are here for the kitchen mishaps of the latter.


If you’ve read our previous article about cooking nightmares, you probably are here for the same reason too. So don’t let us keep you waiting — start scrolling and enjoy the fact that no matter how bad you are in the kitchen, these people have it way worse.

Wonderburger Woman

Excuse us while we try and figure out what ingredients were used to make this Wonder Woman cake. Is it possible that we’re looking at a beef and cheddar cheese cake?


Maybe the person celebrating loves savory more than they love sweets! What other excuse is there for using these colors when Wonder Woman’s theme colors are bluntly red and gold?

Really Getting Back to Basics

There is a little bit of a backstory attached to this picture. The one who took it visited an establishment with a tasting menu, and the first course is “citrus in sugar.”


It sounds tasty, and citrus is always a nice thing to have. Very healthy. But, you notice how the person taking the picture is simply holding the small piece of food in his hand? That’s because when the waiter approached, the waiter said, “hold out your hand,” and placed the item in the diner’s palm. Are they trying to cut costs around dishes? Not likely – probably it’s all part of the ExPeRiEnCe.

Lost Our Appetite

We’re going to give you a tip on how to handle this cake – if you squint your eyes, it makes this atrocity a little easier to handle.


We’re not sure what exactly the cake inspiration for this eyesore was, but we’re sure they’re very, very far off.

Do-It-Yourself Pasta

We all like a bit of pasta, but unless you’re making it yourself, it’s common to get a mixture that doesn’t work for you. Too much pasta, too much sauce, the wrong amount of topping, and so on.


One restaurant has come up with a solution: Three jars, one of each part of the meal, and a big plate that allows you to make the perfect mixture. Part-hipster and part-fancy, as long as the food is well-made we’d be on board. Add in a little bit of wine, and you have the makings of a fun night out.

Baby Shark

This shark cake inspiration on the left has it all – it is scary, realistic, and those jaws are really look sharp! The shark on the right, on the other hand, well, he seems like the neighborhood shark everyone’s friends with.


He just wants everyone to get along! He’s smiling at the world, and the world is smiling back!

Peak Hipster

A few pieces of fruit, a dish of caramel (maybe) dipping sauce, an artistic spray of chocolate sauce that, let’s be real, you can’t really enjoy. The centerpiece of this item seems to be a number of ice cream pieces. Or oddly-shaped marshmallows. Or some other kind of sugary treat, also hanging from the center bar like some sort of a swing set.


It all comes together to present perhaps the most hipster presentation that this list has to offer. At the very least, this is something to remember. Plus, fruit is always a bonus. And whatever those white things are, we’re sure they taste good.

Goodbye Kitty

The famous animated cat is known for putting her hand over her mouth…as if to chuckle. Which is probably what they were going for when baking this cake.


But they messed up her fingers a little bit, and this cake fail is hilarious! This Hello Kitty is done with everyone expecting her to be friendly; she wants you to know exactly what’s on her mind.

Planet Earth

This cake was made as a science project and shown at the science fair, where little Rebecca wanted to prove just how delicious Planet Earth can be! That being said, we can’t be positive that this is Earth we’re looking at – but we’re going to give Rebecca the benefit of the doubt and say that it is!


We just want to know what kind of cake this is, is there surprise lava at the core of it? Wouldn’t that be magnificent?!

Do They Get Utensils?

Poutine is a good time, though the serving implement they used to deliver this treat doesn’t really fill us with confidence. But what’s for dinner? There are french fries forming the base of the dish, with slices of sausage, a healthy dose of baked beans, and there are even slices of bacon. Of course, there’s also plenty of gravy poured over all of it, something that makes poutine what it is.


Will the diners be forced to eat this with their hands? Delicious as it is, poutine is kind of messy. Maybe the restaurant took it a step further and said that diners couldn’t even use their hands. If so, they should get to keep the bowl.

Look What the Stork Dropped Off

Okay, what on earth is going on here? Why does it look like baby Adam has been delimbed?


We have so many questions, but we’re also not sure we want the answers. Are these supposed to be teeth? Because to us, they look like baby body parts, and it is making us feel a little uneasy!

We Want This Very Badly

It’s not super obvious what is going on here at first glance, but once we explain it, you’ll get a good hunger going. We have a classic tomato and basil soup in the bowl there – one of the classics. A favorite! Suspended above it, from a metal hook, is a sloppy, messy grilled cheese sandwich, or maybe two.


The melted cheese is dripping down into the soup, which is not a sentence we thought we would be writing today, but our day is better for it. Our lunch is also going to be better for it. However, it looks like that grilled cheese is mostly butter.

How Much Do These Things Cost?

A single egg is little more than an aperitif or a small side dish, but you have to think that serving a hard-boiled egg on top of some sort of valve is a very specific choice that the business makes.


They have to go to a place that sells these (maybe a hardware store or a junkyard or something) and find enough of them to make the servings identical. Or maybe not even identical! Maybe everybody gets a different weird plumbing-based serving implement as a way to enjoy their egg. What do they serve it in if you like your eggs fried?

All Bets Are Off

We’re taking bets on what you think this cake was supposed to be. Whoever’s closest – wins! And what is the grand prize you may be asking? You win this cake!


Just kidding, we would never do that to you! This cake is was a failed attempt at none other than Thomas the Tank Engine. Don’t worry; we would have never guessed it either.

We Sat in Stunned Silence for Ten Seconds

When you first see this image, there are a couple of steps to go through. The first one is pure confusion, which is pretty common with this list. The next step, however, is more confusion, as you realize what the restaurant is going for.

Twitter/@WeWantPlates/photo by Ellie Nik

The third step differs based on who you are – it’s either shaking your head at the small amount of food or you just ask for the bill and make a beeline for the parking lot.

This Seems a Little Impractical

Drinks are served in all sorts of things these days. Glasses, cups, jars, bottles, mugs, watering cans, light bulbs, bowls. But bags? It just seems like what you do if you want a mess.


These iced drinks look nice and tasty, and the straw makes them easy to drink, but drinking out of a bag has obvious downsides. For instance, getting every drop out of the bottom. And what if they tip over? Bags don’t have a stable base usually. This just screams hipster – wood-slat table, a little jar of nuts on the table, and drink bags with plastic straws.

It’s Like Some People Have Never Heard of Plates Before

We have been notified that this is a serving of mushrooms. Yeah? Are you sure? Point them out, please. We can see a few peeking out from among the moss, and leaves, and branches, and we wouldn’t be at all surprised at all if there is dirt, too.


What’s worse is even if you are able to get past all that nature, you have to eat mushrooms. This is another toss-up: It could be a hipster offering, but it could also be a fancy spot that wanted to do something a little different. But change isn’t always good.

Peppa, the Rebellious Pig

Don’t mind Peppa, she’s going through her grunge, “I hate everyone” stage. It shouldn’t last more than a couple of months. Just kidding!


This cake looks like it could have been a delicious cake, and considering its hand-decorated, we’re very impressed. The only downside of a cake like this is if you leave the cake in the sun for a few hours, you’ll come back to this!


Even for those that don’t like salads that much, a Caesar salad is a favorite. Delicious, tangy dressing, croutons, fresh lettuce – as well as occasional extras like shredded cheese and chicken. It’s a good time. This restaurant, however, didn’t feel like putting too much effort into the presentation.


Unless there is something the lettuce is hiding, they just took a few leaves, jammed it straight into some old bread, and then added a little dish of dressing. Pretty clearly, it’s part of a larger meal if those barely visible cloches are any indication. At least you can get the right amount of dressing without too much hassle.

(Don’t) Do It Yourself

DIY? More like, please don’t do it yourself! The thought behind this cake is absolutely beautiful, really. This Belle doll that’s actually a cake brings birthday cakes to a whole new level…


It’s just the person trying to recreate it did a below-average job. It looks like Belle’s dress was made out of play-doh, which makes us wonder, is this cake even edible?

Sometimes You Just Run Out of Options

When a restaurant’s popularity starts to eclipse the items it has to use; sometimes they have to get creative. Such is the case with this restaurant, which can be found in a small town in Thailand.


The people who live around it must love to sample the delicacies since the restaurant is forced – or was, at least for a little while – to serve the dishes in plastic bowls, dustpans, plastic crates, and, amazingly, an upside-down umbrella. Except for that middle guy, the diners look amped to dig in, and he might just be putting on a face for the camera.

Is It…Like, Does It Work?

The dish being served here is beef wellington, which is fillet steak coated with pate and duxelles, wrapped in puff pastry, and then baked. It’s a classic dish from across the pond in England and a favorite of big gatherings.


That’s not really the point, though – the point is that it’s served on a guillotine. Like, the thing used to cut heads off. Is the wellington supposed to symbolize something? Is it sharp? Does it work? Is that a kid there in the corner who is very wisely keeping all fingers away from this serving item? We hope so. Why would you use it? Is beef wellington that hard to cut through?

Delicious and Nutritious

We all enjoy a cup of fancy joe every now and again, but sometimes we lack the right vitamins to get us through the day. One enterprising shop has come up with the perfect solution: coffee in a carrot.

facebook/@Locals Corner

You can not only get a perk-up in the morning, but once the coffee is down, you crunch in on one of the healthiest foods around. Did you know carrots have more potassium than bananas? It’s true! They also have fiber, vitamin A, calcium, and vitamin K, as well as lots of minerals and antioxidants.

Beauty & the Beast

Why choose between Beauty and the Beast when you can have them both in one cake? Okay, that may have been a little harsh, but how else are we supposed to go about describing this cake?


If it weren’t for Belle’s distinct yellow dress and brown hair, we would have never guessed that she’s the character this cake was supposed to embody.

Another Classic English Treat

Fried eggs, fried sausage, beans, mushrooms, a little bit of hash – good stuff. An English breakfast has been filling the bellies of hardworking farmers and tradesmen for decades or even centuries, but we doubt that they have ever seen their favorite food arrayed in such a way on a shovel.


Does the shovel have the full handle? Because that would make serving the food on the table kind of tough. Still, if someone presented this food to us, we wouldn’t care what kind of item it came on. Hold the mushrooms, please.

Well, It Is Pretty Wet

This picture comes to us from the Trump Hotel in Washington D.C. Hanging bacon from a washing line is a little more common than you might think, and it makes sense – if you work in the kitchen, you want to bring it out to the diner as soon as it’s done cooking, so it’s hot and crispy, but you don’t want it just lying in a pool of its own grease.


The solution that plenty of places have come up with: suspend it. The iron pan underneath the bacon has vegetables, and honestly, the idea of a bacon grease-soaked vegetables sounds pretty good.

Cake Wars

Excuse us for asking but, is this a cake? Or a poorly decorated orange? This year, the birthday boy was put on a strict diet, so instead of making him a cake, his family decided they would fool him into believing this fruit was a cake.


Who knows, if they had a better job decorating it, it might have done the trick? Who doesn’t want a fresh, one-of-a-kind BB-8 orange cake?!

And It Only Cost Sixty Dollars

Well, someone is trying to be fancy. Let’s see, let’s take a look, let’s find out what we’re getting here: There is a half of a lemon(?) that has been…grilled? Or drizzled with a sauce of some unknown variety.


Not too bad, we guess. Then there is a shot glass that has, uh, olive oil. This isn’t a meal; this is an art piece.

It’s a Delicacy

As we have learned from this, innovation doesn’t always necessarily equal tasty. While it’s important to push the bounds of culinary traditions, you can’t always slap a sausage on a cracker and call it day.


This looks like the poor man’s version of fancy finger-food. I suppose we appreciate the creativity.

Hamburger Level: Beginner

Whoever made this sorry excuse for a hamburger needs to take a long hard look at themselves. They couldn’t even bother making a substantial patty, no toppings, not even a piece of lettuce or tomato. Then there’s that squirt of mustard.


This one of the saddest hamburgers ever made. It and whoever made it should be ashamed.

The Muffin Monster

Baking generally causes things to rise, so something didn’t go quite right here. Beyond that, the way the muffins sort of melded into one giant muffin tray, makes for an interesting and new kind of dessert aesthetic, even if it’s a horrible mistake


We can’t quite imagine those things tasting particularly good. At least they tried.

Toasty Treats

This sandwich grill has been through a lot. It’s confusing how some slices of bread ended up being so terribly burnt and destroyed. The idea of popping a sandwich into these things generally involves as little fuss as possible.


Looks like some major experimenting went down here. Just try a simple grilled cheese next time. Can’t go wrong with that. Well, anything is possible, really.

The “Less Successful Secret Twin Brother of Caesar” Salad

Sometimes you just have to use whatever you have in the kitchen cabinets. If that means replacing croutons with Cheez-Its for you caesar salad, then so be it. It may be a slightly less subtle tasting sort of crunch, but in some ways, it does the job.


While some may take issue with the cheesy snack addition, Others might disapprove of the fact that the salad is drowning in dressing. Oh well, we suppose everything in the kitchen, from sauces to snacks went into that salad.

Cheesy Goodness

Apparently the concept of a cheeseburger is somewhat subjective. There is no rule in the book of hamburgers that states how much cheese is actually required to officially get the name “cheeseburger.” To some, that might be a perfectly sized slice of cheese.


Who are we kidding? That is one sorry excuse for a cheeseburger and looks more like a prank than anything else.

Don’t Pea On The Floor

Handling frozen peas requires quite a bit of care. Typically we like them all in one place and not strewn all over the floor.


That must be a nightmare to clean up and a real shame to throw away all that food. Always try avoid food wasting!

Totally Microwavable

Don’t microwave plastic or glass. It will result in an explosion. In addition to that, if you ever wondered what happened if you put foil in the microwave, look no further.


Sometimes it seems as if the less prep is required, the more people will somehow mess it up. Humans are funny like that.

“Rainbow Cake”

This kind of cake requires tremendous skill and care. Ideally, the colors should all stand separately, like…a rainbow. Instead, in this case, the colors just ran into each other creating more of a tie-dye effect.


On top of that, our master baker demonstrated their poor baking skills by making life easier and picking up the phone t a professional baker, and ordering one.

Kill It With Fire

Nothing good can come out of a kitchen that looks like that! The mess appears to be the result of total neglect. That aside, there are a few other more questionable looking things on that counter.


Thankfully (we’re being optimistic) that meaty dish was saved from being engulfed by the flames. While it’s a relief that the dish was saved, might we suggest just burning down that whole kitchen and starting over?

Cooking Skills on Fire

This person really outdid themselves. There are few things just too simple to mess up. And while this list proves to use that people can destroy things like eggs and rice, we would have never dreamed that can do this with toast.


What exactly are the settings on your toaster that could turn this poor slice of bread into a fiery disaster? Did you forget about it? It takes about two minutes to toast bread. What could have possibly distracted you so much during that time? So many questions, so much fire.

Culture Clash

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Pasta Taco. This piece of masterful culinary fusion could definitely be in one of New York or London’s top restaurants. Why this is not a famous dish is a total mystery.


Jokes aside, this looks anything but appetizing. We feel that in this case, the person should have stuck with either tacos or pasta. There is no way that this can be good.

Rip It Up

A can opener is generally a must when trying to open canned food. This person proves that you can rip open a tough can of tuna with a perfectly sharp bread knife. You can just really go to town on that thing and eventually find tuna paradise.


We do wonder how desperate this person was for food that would make them go to such great lengths to cut open a can of tuna. Was there nothing else in that kitchen?

A Tad Too Hot

Someone must have overheated the noodles to piping hot. Not that that plate helped. What kind of plate cracks like that? It’s time to get some new tableware because that is clearly not cutting it.


It’s pretty impressive how those noodles just popped right out of the center of that plate. When things get a little too hot and heavy, not even plates can withstand it.


We’re hesitant to call this a kitchen fail as clearly this person does not even have a kitchen. Perhaps the absence of any official cooking appliance is enough to qualify this culinary disaster.


In their defense, this did technically get the job done and we give them kudos for inventiveness. This poor iron-cooked egg can only be a reality in a student dorm.

Scooby Dooby Doo Where Are You?

Seriously, where are you? Because we barely recognize you in that horrific cake. We know it’s meant to be you because some strategically placed a picture of the actual you beside the cake. This looks like your evil twin brother.


We give them a point for the valiant effort. Not everyone has it in them to make such a cake.

Upside Down World

We all know how important it is to get your peanut butter fix and if you can’t open that jar, well then, sometimes you just crack open the jar by any means necessary. If that involves breaking the other end of the jar, so be it.


Whoever did that actually succeed in breaking it open cleanly rather well! Where there is a will, there is away. We do sincerely hope though that this happened only because the lid was too tight and not because this seemed like it made sense.

Cookie Mayhem

Baking is a science and in order to get those baked goods in their optimal state. it requires perfect measurements, the right timing, and accurate heat. This is an example of a baking attempt that seemed to fail in all categories.


The result; poop shaped cookies that have been burnt beyond recognition. Not they could have ever looked particularly appealing but at least if they weren’t so burnt, it could have been slightly more salvageable.

The Worst Cookies Ever

These terrible cookies never asked to be born, but, alas, here there they are, waiting to be gobbled up and disappear off the face of this earth. Unfortunately for them and whoever made them, their existence is to be permanent. No matter how strong the plea, bad cookies are destined to rot away at the bottom of the cookie jar for eternity.


If you want to get rid of cookies, the only way to really do that is to make good ones.

Rice Cake Take 2

Another botched pot of rice we have here. People really don’t understand ratios. An overstuffed pot just results in weird clumpy rice cake. It’s not a desert, it’s a side dish. Treat it as such!


Once again, rice-like this does not belong on anyone’s plate. Just read the instructions on the bag, Google “how to cook rice.” or just stay out of the kitchen.

Rice Cake

This gelatinous goop of rice does not look particularly appealing. We’re all for experimenting, but sometimes there are just basic foundations and rice is one of them. In no universe does rice get cooked like this.


And no, honey, a burned bottom can not be flipped over and pass for decoration. You can’t drop some herbs on burnt rice and make it look it was intentional. The only place this rice belongs is in the trash.

Knife Skills

Some people are knife crazy. The smoothness of the blade, the grip, and of course, the quality of that cutting action. You need the right knife to get the job done. Unfortainely, the job here would be to cut a fish and not the actual chopping board.


It looks as if this knife aficionado may have slightly overreached here. Either ease up know your cutting or get a regular knife.

E.T Eggs

These poor eggs. Going for movie-themed food is always fun and challenging, but once again it’s always advisable to pick something a little more cheery. This E.T inspired breakfast is a little hard to “swallow.”


Instead of making fun alien-style eggs, these look like the scene in which E.T  is hooked up to machines in the lab. Someone take this away now!


Sweet and delicate Tinkerbell, the cheeky little fairy from Peter Pan got an upgrade, and it does not look pretty. This weird pancake clearly did not go according to plan. It’s okay, not everybody can be a pancake artist, and not everyone gets anatomy.


This pancake Tinkerbell would have a very hard time flying. Between those clunky mangled wings and those bent tree-trunk legs, Tinkerbomb is staying on that plate. Whether she will be eaten is another consideration too. It does not look very appetizing.

The Horsey Cutter

This is very confusing. This cookie cutter is clearly in the shape of the horse yet somehow the actual cookie didn’t quite get the memo. Instead, it came out to be more of a chubby seal than a galloping steed.


Oh well, it may have its own weird shape but it is actually quite cute! Call them mythical monster cookies. Call them whatever you like, just not horses!

The Apolcoplsyse In a Pot

Whatever this was before, we will never know. Now it just looks like the literal end of the world as it’s depicted in movies. The smell of smoke will probably remain for years to come.


We must admit, as disastrous as this kitchen fail is, that is one beautiful heap of burning food.

The Little Mermaid

It’s always good to try out things yourself instead of relying on store-bought goods. It is however important to really think hard if you’re up to the task before you attempt the impossible. Getting Ariel’s flowy red hair is challenging and smearing around some baby pink icing is just not gonna cut it. We won’t even get started on that face.


Just stick with a simple chocolate cake. You can’t go wrong with that.

Yin and Yan

The world’s balance comes in the form of these cookies. At least that’s what their intention was. In reality, these cookies might be a little NSFW.


The cookies might very well taste fine, but one might want to avoid serving that at certain gatherings. Perhaps keep them for the grown-up affairs.

Spinach Boy

This spinach boy is pretty up there on the freak-demoter. That dental work alone needs some serious attention. If this is some tactic to get kids to eat their greens, we plead folks to just keep it old school and go back to Popeye.


Toothy Spinach Baby with Pastry Diaper is just not working for us. To say that it is unappetizing would be an understatement.

Gourmet Sushi

Not everyone is a master sushi chef. It’s hard to form that perfect roll. not to mention getting the sheet of seaweed to stick to the rice like a tailor-made little jacket. It takes a bunch of tries to achieve that. This is why this person aimed really low.


This literal little bed of rice and fish-shaped-something is the closest thing to sushi that this person is clearly capable of. We appreciate the little dollop of wasabi there too.

Fork Al Dente

When you’ve run out of food, just move onto cooking the utensils. That fork, cooked right makes for one appetizing bright green dish. Hey, cooking is all about experimenting.


Jokes aside. Do not leave your plastic handle forks on the stove. You don’t want luminous green liquid anywhere near your kitchen.

The Aerated” Pizza

This is certainly one way to make a pizza. Let everything just fall to the bottom. Oven paper? Who needs ’em? Baking trays? What’s that? Just slap the whole thing on the griddle and let science do its magic.


Who needs plates anyway? Just scrape it out the bottom. We don’t need to be fancy here. What is this? Rome?

Don’t Cook and Drink

It seems simple enough. Toss in some mini pies and fries into the oven, and let heat and time do the rest. Wrong. A little too much heat and a lot of time resulted in this utter mess.


There can only be one thing to blame and that is that bottle of bubbly on the counter there. An entire bottle of champagne is fun, it can also play games with your memory.

Welcome Baby?

When you’re asked to bring a cake to a baby shower, and the baby’s gender hasn’t been revealed yet – going with neutral colors like yellow and green is your best bet!


Now that we have that covered, we’d like to understand what exactly is going on on this cake. What animal is this? And who thought it would be a good idea to welcome a baby with it?!


Prepare for screaming. And not the joyful kind. The moment the kids lay their little eyes on that thing, that’s probably the end of the whole darn birthday party. Poor SpongeBob looks like he’s come back from a torture chamber.


Interestingly, he does seem to have quite a big smile on his face. We wonder what that means.

The Bread Maker

The poor fella got himself a breadmaker in order to make things easier because baking a loaf of bread is just the hardest thing in the world, to begin with. Heaven knows what went into that thing but whatever came out is horrifying.


It kind of just looks like a cross-section of a planet. With the rocks, soil, and weird crevasses, it’s hard to believe that this was actually supposed to be bread. Just get it from the store. Who are you kidding?

The Inversed Cake

Typically a cake should go inside the bowl, in this case, the cup. The fact that they microwaved a cake mix in a cup might be the actual problem to begin with. This instant dessert went kablam in that microwave.


Well kids, bring out your forks. You can scoop up whatever that catastrophe is right out of the microwave.

Hanging Skewers

We can’t deny the resourcefulness here. Skewers are pretty much a must when preparing shish kebabs, or so we thought. Can’t get your hands on some wooden skewers? No problem, a hanger will do just fine. The handy hook is a fantastic way to get a good and even grill.


Once you’re done, wipe down the grease and simply stick them back into your closet. No one will ever know!

Hot Spaghetti!

It’s advisable to use pots and pans that can accommodate the amount of food you’re cooking. Next time make sure that there is a little bit of space between your spaghetti and the stove plate.


If you’re not careful enough, the spaghetti will catch alight and your pasta dreams will go up in literal flames.

Honey, Dinner Will Never Be Ready!

An ambitious dinner indeed, that almost cauldron-sized pot probably had some very tasty stewy contents inside. Unfortunately, the stove on which it was cooking was obviously not strong enough to withstand the sheer weight of it.


While a new cooking unit is surely in order, the food might actually still be intact. Thankfully it was more of an internal structural disaster, than an external one. At least we hope. Of course, that dish could be a failure too.

That’s a Fluffly Lamb

Flipping through cooking magazines is the best way to find inspiration. And what is more inspiring than fluffy lamb butter? While that picture depicts some high-level skill and perfectly formed fluff, the real-life attempt on the right just looks like a mess with two eyes.


Sometimes we should just leave it to the experts.


You are what you eat. That couldn’t be truer for this Masterchef who created this absolute disaster. Even if things had gone a little smoother and the eyes were a little clearer or the bacon strips weren’t burnt to a crisp, we still can’t imagine this looking any less horrifying. Why someone wants to make a meatloaf that looks like a mummified head is beyond us.


How about we opt for scary decorations instead and leave creating horrific dishes out of it.

Not What We Expected

The plan was to bake some elephant-shaped cookies. It looked promising, at least so they thought. A few minutes in the oven, things started to go terribly awry and those elephant trunk cookies started to evolve into something else, something not quite what we expected. Those cookies came out looking out like a human’s part of the body.


Certainly not the goal. Might we suggest serving these cookies at a boy baby shower instead? The shape might fit in better with the theme.

What Happened To Those Blankets?

This one attempted to modify Pigs in a blanket. It’s the perfect comfort food with these yummy strips of bacon snuggled up in a sweet pastry. Yet something went awry.


A couple of jam pastries got caught in the mix and ended getting wounded in the baking process. Don’t mix and match.

Do These People Live In a Safari?

Apparently, these were supposed to be garlic bread rolls. It’s hard to even tell that these things once even started out as bread because as we can see now, they totally resemble something that you might find a deer left behind in the wild.


How they let these simple little garlic rolls get burnt into a complete crisp? We do not know. Next time set a timer or buy a watch for Pete’s sake, but don’t’ let this happen again.

Classy Wedding Food

Tossing some sushi on a champagne glass is not going to make the contents look any more appetizing. Especially if those contents resemble the sushi you would get at an airport. That’s some low-level production right there. In fact, it would have even been slightly more presentable on a small plate.


The sushi on there looks old, the lemon, not particularly fresh. The whole thing honestly looks like someone took their leftovers and threw them 0n a glass.

Mission: Candy Corn Cookies

Honestly, before we even talk about those candy corn cookies, we have to first comment on the state of that poor stove. It’s quite clear that with appliances like that, this kitchen has not gotten the attention it truly deserves. It’s a no-brainer that whoever would attempt this instant supposedly easy candy corn mix would fail miserably.


Just keep it simple, buddy. It’s great that you’re making cookies, but let’s first master shapes and single colors before we move onto advanced level baking, like two colors and triangles. Baby steps.